Thursday, May 3, 2007

Garden Surprises

When we moved in to our house it was July (2005) and we had only looked at it once in late May, so we had no idea what the yard looked like in Spring until nearly a year later. The previous owners were sort of a "buy whatever we like and plop it where ever" couple so we had some oddball plants (giant grasses in the middle of the yard, a dead fig tree, random bushes) randomly placed all over the yard but the owners before them were much more careful. They had planted a lot of old fashioned bulbs and things (fancy daffodils, snowdrops, resurrection lilies) that were exciting to come across when they bloomed. Most of them we saw last year, but a few were new this year-parts of the yard were very overgrown or had large bushes blocking them, so since we rearranged and replanted a lot of things last year we uncovered a few plants and flowers (particularly bulbs) that we didn't know were there. But my favorite surprise came last year. I had spent our first summer telling Matt that we needed to get a pink cherry tree. We couldn't find one that was both healthy and under a $140 so we didn't get one. Then on March 30th, the bare tree we hadn't identified bloomed, literally overnight. It was a cherry blossom tree! This year, due to the freakish cold, I was worried it wouldn't bloom, but it did, about 3 weeks late. It really is my favorite thing in the yard.

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