Monday, June 18, 2007

Take off your shoes, we have some stomping to do!

Our grapes (concord??) are getting big. So far they haven't been too tasty, but maybe this year is the year. We have tons of them and it would be great to actually make something from them rather then have them wither on the vine.


Carol said...

Must be a good year for grapes, as I think I'm due to have a record harvest later this summer, too!

Fairfax said...

we used to have a grape arbour at the house where i grew up and my dad would make grape jam from the concords. i also remember my parents making little baskets of grape leaves and grapes to take as little presents when they went to parties.

Elaine said...

You'll probably need to spray them with a fungicide. Most backyard grapes get black rot, especially Concord, and that's why you see grapes now, but not when they are ripe. Look for sprays called Captec or Diathane. You might be able to find them at your local nursery. Grapes are like roses in the fact that they can get diseased pretty easily. Good luck.