Saturday, April 18, 2009


Matt went and picked up a Earth Machine compost bin for only $36 at a Baltimore County-sponsored event at Ikea this morning (they are supposed to be there until 3pm)and it looks pretty good. We've never composted before-the bins are normally about $100 and with the dogs we can't exactly have an open pile compost heap.

Anyone have any composting tips? What container do you use in your kitchen for scraps?


April said...

I purchased a compost keeper, from amazon, to keep in the kitchen and I just empty it daily into the large outdoor compost bin. I think they run between $20 and $50 and have carbon filters to keep the smell away :)

C(h)ristine said...

I just use a rubbermaid container. Empty it out regularly. Only problem is fruit flies occasionally--but if I empty it out everyday, no fruit flies (but sometimes...I get rrrreal lazy...) :)