Saturday, May 9, 2009

I thought it was May flowers?

I'd take a picture of how tremendously overgrown our yard is but I don't want to shock or alarm any children who might come across this. It has gone way beyond dachshund height and is creeping up to whippet height in most places. But! It isn't our fault. There has been nary a day without rain in over 2 weeks and the few patches of sunshine we have were not enough to dry out our swampy backyard. Even one rain storm takes a few days to recover from, much less weeks of rain. It has been sunny today but now it looks like rain again so who knows when the lawn will be cut.

In good news, we went to Market Day and picked up several varieties of hot peppers, tomatoes and fairy tale eggplants. I am hoping the eggplants diminutive size will be an asset. Perhaps they will ripen more quickly than their larger relatives? Whenever we would grow regular sized eggplants they'd get big then we'd have a big storm or heatwave and they'd droop and never recover. Tomatoes we've had mixed luck with in the past but I have hopes for some new locations this year. Hot peppers grow wonderfully in the yard, we end up with more than we know what to do with.

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