Thursday, July 9, 2009


Figs are growing on our new, baby fig tree.

Figs are growing on the tiny (under 2 ft) fig tree that we planted this May. Very surprising.

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susan said...

Figs! I love figs! Hope yours survived the winter! I stumbled across your blogpost as I began trying to amass leads to Baltimore-area nurseries; my husband and I are new urbanites/retirees/determined NOT to replicate the 1/3 acre horticulture wonderland that we created in Montgomery County, but instead create a quiet refuge (with a fig tree, some roses, perhaps a gingko, a water feature, I'd love a fire pit . . . . I hope that you are going to continue posting reports of your urban garden; it seems to be the best source of information I've found so far! Re: composting: I'm sure you figured that out, too; have you tackled worm bins yet? Hoping to see more posts, thanks again! Sue