Sunday, May 20, 2007

The First Rose of the Year

Isn't it pretty? I am not sure what variety it is, the bush was here when we moved in. Like I mentioned before, when we bought the house (July '05) there were a lot of existing plants and bushes but they were oddly placed. Last year Matt dug a lot of them (roses and peonies mostly) up and rearranged them. He transplanted the roses to a clump all together on one side of the yard and they all are doing well. Lots of new growth and blossoms, including this one. It is great gardening with what you have. It is cheaper (of course!) but you are also making the the yard really "yours". And now that the bushes have moved, we can actually see and enjoy them without having to duck behind a shed.


Christa said...

Beautiful rose. It must have been great to already have a few plants to work with when you moved into your new place -- even if you had to move them around a bit. My community garden plot had a lot of perennial flowers from the previous owner when I moved in. I was grateful to have a few things to start with, even though I've since move plants to different places.

danielle said...

Pretty. I don't have any roses. I'm a bit intimidated by them, although I've grown a pumpkin, which must be just as hard.

Rachel said...

danielle: well, we are of the "plant it and forget it" school of rose gardening so it mustn't be too difficult to grow them.